Registration Policies

Please read all information very carefully.

Any degree of participation requires registration, which includes a payment. Once you have registered, you are enrolled in the course(s), unless otherwise notified (i.e. class cancellation, full enrollment, etc.). We are unable to issue any refunds unless the course is cancelled by the Center or you withdraw* before the course starts. A $15 fee will be charged to those who withdraw before the class begins. Current Harvard students, faculty, and staff are not required to complete any health clearance forms. However, any spouses, dependents, alumni, or retirees taking a movement/exercise class, must sign a participant agreement available from the Center for Wellness or in the Forms section of this web site.  *No refunds are issued for House classes.

Payments may be made by Visa, MasterCard, personal check, term bill or payroll deduction. Neither cash nor other credit cards are accepted. Discounts only apply to certain classes; please call our office if you are uncertain about a discount or a prorated fee. Prices for HUGHP Members (some employees) are listed in each description. For classes that are over $100, payments may be made in two separate installments if requested. Receipts can be provided if requested.

Equipment / Class Spaces
Yoga Mats are available for classes at 114 Mt. Auburn Street, and University Lutheran Church. At other locations including 42 Brattle Street, the quality and availability of mats is not guaranteed, and a personal mat is recommended. 

The lighting, temperature, and atmosphere of the spaces are similar to a conference room or a multi-purpose space.  There are 1-2 bathrooms nearby, but no locker room space for changing, storage, or showering.  Coats and belongings can be left on the perimeter of the room, or as directed by the instructor.  All of the spaces used for yoga, pilates, or exercise classes have hard floors, but there are no high-impact poses or exercises in any of the classes.  Most classes do not use any music, except maybe some background sounds for a final relaxing shavasana.  Please bring your own water.  Please return mats and other equipment to storage areas as neatly as possible.