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The time between terms provides students with an opportunity to step back from the demanding pace of the semester schedule.

Many students find that spending this time with family and friends, traveling, or pursuing enriching off-campus activities is the best way to rejuvenate and return to begin the spring term anew. Other students choose to return to campus for Wintersession, during which College-led and student-initiated programming provides opportunities to explore a creative passion, to learn new ideas, to develop a new skill, or to delve into an extracurricular or career interest.

Whatever your decision, we hope that you will use this period in ways that are most beneficial to you.



Sorry, there are no safety programs available at this time.


My therapist's expertise in identifying where stress and tension was held proved extremely helpful. I have taken nutrition, attended the Mind Body Institute classes, and meditation along with massage - all with tremendous benefit.
- Male, Harvard Staff, Participant for 4 - 5 years